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Best Pneumatic/Air Operated Grease Guns

Pneumatic or air powered grease guns are powered by, yes, air. They are very popular and are usually used for smaller jobs.

Best Pneumatic Grease Guns

Here is a list of the best pneumatic grease guns;

  1. Lincoln 1162 Air Operated Grease Gun
  2. OTC 2310 Air Operated Grease Gun
  3. Lincoln Lubrication G120 Air Operated Pistol Grip Grease Gun
  4. Legacy L1455 Standard Air Powered Grease Gun

1. Lincoln 1162 Air Operated Grease Gun

This is a fully automatic, variable speed air powered grease gun by Lincoln. This pump has patented design that makes sure the grease flow is uninterrupted. The direction of the grease flow and its cartridge holding chamber are parallel, in most other grease guns it is the air-flow that’s parallel with the nozzle. This design enables it to avoid many priming problems.

This pneumatic gun has a pump ratio of 40:1 and handle up to 150psi. This enables it to deliver grease up to a pressure of 6000 psi. It is an automatic, continuous operation type grease gun where you can keep the trigger pressed to deliver a continuous flow of grease. In addition a 30inch long hose with attachments come with this product. It is suitable for 14oz cartridges. Its variable speed trigger is easy to use, and the gun comes with a warranty of 1 year.

2. OTC 2310 Air Operated Grease Gun

The OTC 2310 can deliver up to 4800 psi for an input pressure of 120 psi. It comes with a heavy duty Aluminum head which will last for a long time. You can see that its pumping chamber is noticeably bigger than any other grease guns reviewed here, this large chamber helps to deliver more grease within a comparatively shorter time to complete the job faster.

Its accessories include a 24” grease hose and a 6 inch steel extension, and uses the standard 14 oz cartridges. It is continuous flow type gun and can be loaded in 3 ways; cartridge, bulk and pump. This gun is a little weaker than the Lincoln 1162 but is good for light duty, regular works.

3. Lincoln Lubrication G120 Air Operated Pistol Grip Grease Gun

This is the second Lincoln product I have in my review. This is much similar to the OTC gun above in terms of operational pressure; it delivers a maximum pressure of 4800psi for inputs varying from 40-120psi. It comes with a bleeder valve (the two I reviewed above also have them) and a stainless steel extension but it doesn’t have any high pressure hose so you need to purchase that separately.

It is a single shot pneumatic grease gun, that’s you have to press the trigger each time to pump grease. It takes 26 trigger presses to deliver 1oz of grease. It has a cartridge capacity of 14.5oz and bulk capacity of 16oz, same as the above two guns.

4. Legacy L1455 Standard Air Powered Grease Gun

This is another powerful pneumatic grease gun that can deliver up to 6000psi. This is a single shot gun just like the Lincoln G120 but with more pressure. It also has a 4 jaw grip handle, heavy duty steel head and comes with a 6” rigid extension as well as a 12” flexible one.

This gun can be loaded 3 ways; bulk, cartridge and pump. It comes with 1 year warranty and works with a 14oz standard cartridge as well as bulk loading.

How does a pneumatic grease gun work?

As you know these guns are powered by compressed air. A pneumatic grease gun has two main parts; a pumping unit and a grease cartridge holder. The pumping unit is connected to a high pressure supply like a compressor via a hose. It also has a trigger mechanism to operate the grease gun by controlling the air flow. The grease cartridge holder has a spring mechanism which pushes the grease to the pumping chamber. When the trigger is pressed the compressed pushes the grease in the pumping chamber through the nozzle.

Check this video to better understand the working of a pneumatic grease gun. It also shows you how to load a grease catridge.

Anatomy of a pneumatic grease gun

anatomy of a pneumatic grease gun
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