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Best Pistol Grip Grease Guns

Every handy man should have a good grease gun in their tool box. This is a gun that can help you every time you need to lubricate a machine while you are working on it. But how to choose the best pistol grip grease guns and how to make the most out of them, might be a challenge. Here is everything you need to know before investing in a pistol grip grease gun and how to end up with the best product for your needs!

Best 5 Pistol Grip Grease Gun Reviews

1. Drake Off Road Lincoln Pistol Grip Grease Gun

This Drake Off Road Lincoln Lubrication comes with a rugged cast pump head that increases its durability and resistance. This is a safe pistol grip grease gun that prevents accidents and inconveniences and even beginners can use it without taking any risks. It is easy to clean so you won’t have to go out of your way to maintain this tool working at proper standards.

This pistol grip grease gun has a heavy follower spring which insures efficient pumping action and positive priming. There will be no lubricant bypass thanks to its hardened plunger which makes sure you can use this tool for many years ahead. The product will come in the dimensions of 7.7 x 16.1 x 2.8 inches and the weight of 2.8 pounds.

2. GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun

GreaseTek is a very good option if you need to purchase a pistol grip grease gun at an affordable price and great quality. This tool is created to ease the priming and loading processes, it has 400c.c and delivers1oz./ 40 strokes. The package comes with an 18 inch hose with coupler and also an extension pipe with coupler.

Also, you will get a bleeder valve and bulk filer valve. This is one of the best pistol grip grease guns to use for different positions as it comes with a dual-positioning grease loader. It is a great tool to have around your house as a beginner or expert in this type of work and you might be amazed of how many times this comes handy. You can use it at a variety of projects and tasks and you take no safety risks as long as you check the instructions that it comes with.

3. Lumax LX-1152 Black Heavy Duty Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun

This HeavyDuty pistol grip grease gun comes in two versions to choose from with a very small price difference between them. Its cast head is made to develop up to 7,000 PSI (480 bar). You can load it in three different ways by using cartridge, suction or grease pump which increases the versatility of this product.

This pistol grip grease gun is made with an air bleeder valve that helps to vent air pockets which is essential for its well-functioning. The 18 gauge steel barrel increases the lifespan and durability of this tool so you can use it safely for many years. And you don’t have to worry about accidental discharge or any other inconveniences thanks to the follower rod lock that it comes with.

4. Lincoln Lubrication 1133 2-Way Loading Lever-Action Grease Gun

Another great model of pistol grip grease gun that can easily be just what you need around the house is this Lincoln Lubrication 1133 product. You will find it a little more pricey than other grease guns, but it is well worth it to purchase this tool.

It is made to prevent accidents like the bending of the plunger or binding and it is safe to use by all types of buyers. You can clean it easily without taking its pieces apart, thanks to the check valve that it comes with. The lubricant bypass is prevented by a precision fit and hardened plunger. And the durability of this tool id increased by the rugged cast pump head which is very resistant.

5. Lnchett Pistol Grip Grease Gun

This pistol grip grease gun is one of the best that you can find on the market. It is made of solid aluminum material that will make it resistant over time. In the package, you will receive a 16″ flex hose with coupler as well astwo metal pipe and an extra nozzle.

Slippery situations can easily be handled thanks to the rubber sleeve that you can find around the barrel which provides an instant and resistant grip. This pistol grip grease gun can be used in a comfortable way thanks to its handle that creates leverage. And it comes with a lifetime of warranty which makes it even more reliable!

How to choose the best pistol grip grease guns

When you plan to invest in such a tool there are 3 aspects to pay attention to: the fittings, the grease meter and the adapter. The fittings are of four types: standard hydraulic grease fitting, button-head fitting, the flush-type grease fitting or the pressure relief vent fitting. You can choose either one of these according to your needs and [references. Also, the grease meter will help you to pour just as much lubricant as you need which is essential for any task you might have. And the adapters are important for the well-functioning of the grease gun and for its increased durability.


Choosing the best pistol grip grease gun might be challenging but you can’t go wrong if you choose one of the products in this list. However, you do need to pick the best pistol grip grease gun for your needs and don’t feel influenced by what is good fir others. The market offers the perfect product for every buyer so all you need to do is research your options and get the one that satisfies your needs the most.

Best pistol grease gun
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