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Best Lever Grease Guns

Lever action grease guns are operated manually by using a lever attached to the grease gun. This is the cheapest type of grease guns and is convenient for daily jobs.

List of top lever action grease guns;

  • Alemite 500-E Grease Gun
  • Lincoln 1147 Grease Gun with Hose
  • LockNLube Lever Grip Grease Gun
  • CARBYNE Heavy Duty Professional Quality Lever Handle Grease Gun
  • GreaseTek Standard Lever Grease Gun

1. Alemite 500-E Grease Gun

The Alemite 500-E is an excellent companion for a professional. It produces upto 10000psi of pressure and deliver 1oz of grease per 21 strokes. It comes with an 18” flexible high pressure hose. Its head is made of die cast aluminum to reduce overall weight. It also has a vinyl cover on the bottom of the handle for giving a better grip.

This gun uses a standard 14oz cartridge. It can be 3-way loaded, and has a capacity of 16oz when bulk loaded. There is a swivel fitting at the end of the grease hose so that you can rotate the hose without having to twist the grease gun. This lever grease gun is covered under a 1 year warranty for any manufacturing defects.

2. Lincoln 1147 Grease Gun with Hose

Lincoln produces reliable grease guns. The 1147 lever operated grease gun by them has a maximum pressure of 10000psi and has a flow rate of 1oz per 28 strokes. This one is a lot similar to the Alemite product above; it has an 18” flexible hose, and carry 14 oz catridges. One notable difference between the two is that the Alemite 500-E provides a better grip.

This is a good grease gun that doesn’t hurt your wallet.

3. LockNLube Lever Grip Grease Gun

LockNLube Lever Grip Grease Gun is capable of producing 10000psi of pressure and can deliver an ounce of grease in 21 strokes. It comes with a locknlube coupler that prevents leaking once locked onto a grease fitting. It has an inline hose swivel which allows you to rotate the hose any number of times without rotating the gun. The flexible hose extension that comes with this grease gun is 20” in length, 2 inches longer than the Alemite and Lincoln products.

There is a rubber seal on the coupler, so the company provides a free seal kit in case it wears off on regular use. One feature that makes this lever grease gun different from other is its ‘storage zerk’, there is a zerk on the head of the grease gun which you can use to lock the coupler when the gun is not in use. This prevents any contaminations from getting into the tube.

It works with 14oz standard cartridges and can also be loaded via bulk or pump method where it can accommodate up to 16oz of grease. This lever action grease gun is covered under a warranty of 1 year.

4. CARBYNE Heavy Duty Professional Quality Lever Handle Grease Gun

This lever action gun can deliver up to 4500psi. The head is die cast and the body is made of anodized Aluminum, the red color of the gun is not paint but made via anodization. It also has a rubber covering on its body to get more grip. Its handle is also covered by vinyl for the same purpose. The Aluminum build makes the grease gun much lighter than others made of stainless steel.

This machine also comes with a 12 inch flex hose and a 6inch rigid extension. It uses 14oz standard cartridges and can be 3-way loaded. One outstanding feature of this machine is it comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

5. GreaseTek Standard Lever Grease Gun

This is the cheapest grease gun in my list; it is worth buying even if you don’t plan to use it. It delivers 1oz of grease per 40 strokes. Its body is knurled to prevent slippages. It comes with a rigid extension pipe with a coupler. It is very light weight, weight only 2.5 pounds, and easy to handle. This can be 3-way loaded, have a bleeder valve and can accommodate 14oz standard cartridges. This may not be apt for daily industrial use but a good investment nevertheless.  

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